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This page provides information on the World Cup uSimulate simulation and forecast tool.
It is free to use and for non-commercial purposes.

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Estimate match results based on betting markets

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More on Odds and Probabilities

The implied probabilities on are based on the latest betting odds furnished

The odds used are median odds over the largest 30 bookmakers in the online betting market, updated every 30 minutes.
Implied probabilities are calculated by first adjusting for the bookmaker's premium and then inverting the odds.

If a match has already been played, then the implied probabilities are, of course, 100% for the realised outcome, and 0% for the others.

In case no betting odds are available for a specific match pairing, and if this match is to be forecasted,
then the odds for the outright tournament winner are used to determine the winner.
In case two odds tie, an arbitrary ranking decides on the likely winner.


This web application is copyrighted by Stefan Zeugner and is intended for free use, without a commercial purpose.
The underlying odds are provided by Tip-Ex International Limited. Neither Tip-Ex, nor Stefan ZEugnerassume any responsibility for the functioning, content or correctness of this application.

In particular, no assurance of the accuracy of data and and forecasts can be given.

Programmed and copyright by Stefan Zeugner, 2010